First Class trip

UPDATED with additional posts. I’ve started my trip towards Cathay First Class… However I’m back in Helsinki and stuck for the night. I’m posting updates on my facebook profile with the tag #TumuGoesFirst. I’ll also post a summary here after the whole trip in addition to the screencaps below.













Real post this time

All right. I’ve fallen behind on all my previous blog posting promises… Please don’t hold that against me. I’ve just been accumulating experience from other bloggers and writers by reading through their stuff. One of my favourites was the experience a fellow FlyerTalker had when he flew Singapore Airlines in style. Check that story out here.

Inspired by all the decadence I had to do a similar thing of my own. This whole thing started out with my aspirations for true First Class travel. A certain feeling for nostalgia of something I haven’t had the chance to experience for myself. It’s something that I can’t explain. Old times in current times.

Well. I know that the J we have today on AY is way better (and cheaper) than the F back then but I’m still making my old fashioned shit come true by spending three hundred thousand Finnair Plus points on a Cathay Pacific First Class award flight from Hong Kong to New York and back. It’ll be a multi segment journey spread over multiple months. Take a look at the map:

This is not easy. It’ll take hours and hours of flying. An incomprehensible amount of carbon dioxide expunged to the atmosphere. I love it.

Taking off on the 6th of December. Haters gonna hate.